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1200w 3 functions 28mm rotary hammer

Product Details Description:
Product Features:
1. High Power: This 1050W safety clutch rotary hammer has a strong power, capable of easily handling various heavy-duty tasks. Whether it's demolishing walls, breaking concrete, or drilling holes, it can quickly and efficiently complete the task at hand.
2. Lightweight Design: The hammer is made using advanced materials and processes to ensure overall weight reduction. This makes it easier for operators to use, reducing fatigue and improving work efficiency.
3. Short Handle Design: Compared to traditional long handle hammers, the short handle design of this product makes operation more flexible and convenient. Whether working in a confined space or operating at heights, it can better control force and angle, improving accuracy and safety during work.
4. Four-Function Safety Clutch: This hammer is equipped with a four-function safety clutch that can be switched according to different work needs. Users can choose the appropriate clutch mode based on their needs to achieve good work performance and safety.
Product Advantages:
1. Efficient and Energy-Saving: The high power output of 1050W allows this hammer to quickly complete work tasks, saving time and energy. At the same time, lightweight design also reduces energy consumption, improving work efficiency.
2. Safe and Reliable: The combination of short handle design and four-function safety clutch makes this hammer safer and more reliable during use. Operators can better control force and angle, avoiding accidental injuries caused by improper operation.
3. Versatile: The four-function safety clutch equipped on this hammer provides multiple working modes, meeting different work needs. Whether it's demolishing walls, breaking concrete, or drilling holes, it can easily handle them all.
4. High Durability: This hammer is made using high-quality materials and advanced processes, demonstrating durability and impact resistance. Even under long-term use and high-intensity work, it can maintain stable performance and lifespan.
5. Ergonomic Design: The handle of this hammer is designed ergonomically, providing a comfortable grip and reducing fatigue. Operators can use it for a long time without feeling discomfort, improving work efficiency and comfort.
6. Easy to Operate: The design of this hammer is simple and easy to operate. Even inexperienced operators can quickly get started and adjust and switch between working modes as needed.
7. Wide Applicability: This hammer is suitable for various working environments and scenarios, whether it's construction sites, renovation sites, or maintenance work, it can demonstrate its outstanding performance and effects.
8. Economical and Practical: The price of this hammer is reasonable, with a high cost-performance ratio. It not only meets the user's work needs but also saves costs for users, improving work efficiency.
The 1050W Light Weight and Short 4 Functions 26mm Safety Clutch Rotary Hammer is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-operate high-performance tool. It features high power, lightweight design, short handle design, four-function safety clutch, etc. It can efficiently and safely complete various heavy-duty tasks. At the same time, it also has the advantages of versatility, high durability, ergonomic design, ease of operation, wide applicability, and economic practicality. Both professional workers and ordinary users can obtain satisfactory usage experience and work results from it.
Rated Input Power: 1050W
No-load Speed: 950rpm
Impact energy: 4.8J
Impact rating: 4500/min      Rated Voltage: 110v~/230v~
Rated Frequency: 60/50Hz
Drill Capacity: 26mm
Function: Hammer, Drill, Drill with hammer (4 functions)
with Anti
N.W.: 3.9 KGS
SDS plus
BMC 1.3 pc SDS+ drill bit (8/10/12X150mm)
2.2 pc SDS+ pointed/flat chisel (14X250mm)
3.1pc manual
4.1pair carbon brush
1000 4PCS/CTN 49*38.5*32CM 22/26kgs 1800 3800 4500
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Zhejiang Oliver Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Our factory specializes in the production of electric hammers and crushers, and we are one of the professional China 1200w 3 functions 28mm rotary hammer supplier and wholesale 1200w 3 functions 28mm rotary hammer company.
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