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1050w light weight 2 functions 28mm safety clutch rotary hammer

Product Details:
1. Powerful Performance: This 1050W Light Weight 2 Functions 28mm Safety Clutch Rotary Hammer has gained widespread acclaim for its good performance and power. It boasts a powerful 1050W motor, capable of easily handling various heavy-duty tasks, whether it's breaking concrete, bricks, or demolishing walls, it can be easily accomplished.
2. Lightweight and Portable: Despite its powerful performance, this rotary hammer is incredibly lightweight, weighing only half that of similar products. This significantly reduces operator fatigue after prolonged use and leads to a notable increase in work efficiency.
3. Dual-Function Design: This rotary hammer features two different working modes that can be switched according to actual work requirements. One is the high-speed mode, suitable for rapid hard object breaking; the other is the low-speed mode, suitable for fine operations such as polishing and cleaning.
4. 28mm Large Caliber: The hammer head of this rotary hammer has a diameter of 28mm, larger than the commonly seen 22mm or 24mm rotary hammers in the market, making it more powerful and efficient in terms of breaking capabilities.
5. Safety Clutch: This rotary hammer is equipped with a safety clutch that automatically disconnects the power supply when the machine overheats or is overloaded, protecting the motor from damage and ensuring operator safety.
6. Durable and stable: The use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure the durability and stability of the product, extend the service life, and reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement.
Product Advantages:
1. High Efficiency: The powerful motor of 1050W and the large caliber hammer head of 28mm make this rotary hammer effectively improve the efficiency in the crushing work, and greatly save the working time.
2. Lightweight and Durable: Despite its light weight, this rotary hammer is made of sturdy material with strong durability, maintaining performance even in high-intensity work environments.
3. Flexible and Versatile: The dual-function design allows this rotary hammer to handle various work demands, whether it's large-scale demolition work or small precision operations, it can be easily accomplished.
4. Safe and Reliable: The design of the safety clutch makes this rotary hammer safer to use, providing comprehensive protection for both the motor and the operator.
5. Low Noise: Compared to other similar products, this rotary hammer operates at a lower noise level during use, reducing damage to the operator's hearing.
6. Easy to Operate: With a simple operation interface and user-friendly design, even beginners can quickly get the hang of using this rotary hammer.
7. Cost-Effective: Although the price is slightly higher compared to other similar products, considering its powerful performance, durability, time and labor cost savings during use, this rotary hammer offers great value for money.
8. Widely Applicable: Whether it's on construction sites, renovation sites, or home repairs, this rotary hammer can play a significant role.
The 1050W Light Weight 2 Functions 28mm Safety Clutch Rotary Hammer is a tool with exceptional performance, easy operation, and reliable safety. Its appearance undoubtedly brings great convenience to workers in various industries. Whether you are a professional construction worker or a home repair enthusiast, this high-performance tool is worth owning.
Feature: soft grip / safty clutch
Rated Input Power: 1050W
No-load Speed: 820rpm
Impact energy: 4.5J
Impact Rating: 4000/min
Rated Voltage: 110v~/230v~
Rated Frequency: 60/50Hz
Drill Capacity: 26mm
Function: Hammer & Hammer drill
SDS plus
BMC 1.2 pc SDS+ pointed/flat chisel (14X250mm)    2.1pc manual 3.1pair carbon brush 500 4PCS/CTN 49.5*42*35CM 20/27 1500 3100 3600
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