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Demolition Hammer

1700w classic 45mm air cylinder hex tool holder demolition hammer

Product Details Description:
Product features:
1. Powerful power: 1700W high power motor, providing power output, can easily cope with various demolition tasks.
2. High impact energy: 50J impact energy to ensure that the target object can be effectively crushed and destroyed during the demolition process.
3. High-speed impact frequency: 1,850 times/minute impact frequency, providing continuous and efficient impact force, speed up the demolition speed.
4. Wide range of voltage and frequency: 110V~ 230V rated voltage range, suitable for different power standards, 60/50Hz rated frequency range, adapt to the requirements of different regions of the power grid.
5. Multi-functional tool: In addition to being used as a demolition hammer, it is also equipped with HEX head, which can be used to fix other tools, improving the flexibility and efficiency of work.
Product advantages:
1. Efficient demolition capacity: The combination of 1700W high power motor and 50J impact energy makes the demolition hammer have demolition capacity, and can quickly and effectively crush various materials, such as concrete, bricks, metal and so on.
2. High-speed impact frequency: The impact frequency of 1850 times/minute means that users can continuously carry out demolition work, which greatly improves work efficiency.
3. Wide range of voltage and frequency adaptability: 110V~/230V rated voltage range and 60/50Hz rated frequency range, so that the removal hammer can be used worldwide, without worrying about the problem of voltage and frequency mismatch.
4.HEX head design: Equipped with HEX head, users can easily fix other tools on the removal hammer, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, etc., improving the flexibility and efficiency of the work.
5. Light and portable: The removal hammer weighs only 14.8 kg, easy to carry and use, whether indoors or outdoors, can be easily operated.
6. Durable and reliable: The use of high-quality materials, through strict quality control, to ensure the durability and reliability of the product, long service life.
7. Safety guarantee: The removal hammer is equipped with overload protection device, when the current is too large, it will automatically power off to protect the safety of the motor and the user.
Application scenario:
1. Building demolition: suitable for all kinds of building demolition work, such as removing walls, ground, beams and columns.
2. Industrial demolition: It is suitable for the demolition of factories, warehouses and other industrial places, such as the demolition of equipment, pipelines and so on.
3. Road maintenance: suitable for pavement crushing and asphalt stripping in road maintenance work.
4. Home maintenance: It is suitable for wall removal and tile breaking in home maintenance work.
1. Please read the product manual carefully before use, and operate and use correctly according to the requirements of the manual.
2. Please wear appropriate protective equipment, such as goggles and gloves, to ensure personal safety.
3. Do not use the demolition hammer for non-designated demolition work to avoid damage or safety accidents.
4. Periodically check whether the power cord and plug of the hammer are damaged. If so, replace them in time.
5. Keep the hammer clean and dry, avoid water or debris, so as not to affect the normal use.
1700W Classic 45mm Air Cylinder HEX Tool Holder Demolition Hammer is a powerful, efficient and convenient demolition tool. The combination of its high-power motor, high impact energy and high-speed impact frequency allows it to quickly and effectively crush a variety of materials. At the same time, its wide range of voltage and frequency adaptability and HEX head design further improve the flexibility and efficiency of the work. In addition, the product also has the characteristics of portability, durability, reliability and safety, suitable for a variety of construction, industrial and road maintenance work. During use, please be sure to pay attention to safety and personal protective measures, and follow the instructions for correct operation and use.
Rated Input Power: 1700W
Impact Energy: 50J  
Impact Rating: 1850/min
Rated Voltage: 110v~/230v~
Rated Frequency: 60/50Hz
Function: demolition hammer
N.W.: 14.8 KGS
HEX Head
Iron box 1pc manual
1pc auxiliary handle
1pc wrench
1pc oil box
1pc flat chisel 1pc point chisel
500 1PC/CTN 71*16.5*29.5CM 20.5/21.5 730 1500 1770
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