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20V 1 Inch SDS Plus Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer

The 20V 1" SDS Plus Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer is a powerful and versatile tool designed for professional use in construction, demolition, and drilling applications. With its brushless motor technology, this rotary hammer delivers performance, longer runtime, and increased durability, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks.

1. Brushless Motor Technology: The brushless motor provides up to 50% more runtime and 2x longer life compared to brushed motors. This means you can work longer without having to worry about motor wear or frequent replacements.

2. 20V Lithium-Ion Battery: The high-capacity 20V battery ensures that you have enough power to tackle even the demanding jobs. The battery is also compatible with other tools in the same series, allowing for easy interchangeability and extended runtime.

3. 1" SDS Plus Chuck: The SDS Plus chuck is designed for easy bit changes and accommodates a wide range of drilling and chiseling bits, making it suitable for various applications, including concrete, masonry, and steel.

4. Variable Speed Control: The variable speed trigger allows you to control the speed of the rotary hammer, giving you the flexibility to match the tool's performance to the specific task at hand.

5. Rotary Hammer Mode: The rotary hammer mode provides powerful chipping and drilling capabilities, making it ideal for breaking through concrete, brick, and other hard materials.

6. Drill Mode: The drill mode allows you to use the tool as a regular drill, making it versatile for a wide range of applications.

7. All-Metal Gearbox: The durable all-metal gearbox ensures long-lasting performance and increased reliability, even under heavy use.

8. Ergonomic Design: The tool's ergonomic design, including a comfortable grip and well-balanced weight distribution, reduces user fatigue and allows for extended use without discomfort.

9. Vibration Control: The advanced vibration control system improves vibrations during use, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall user comfort.

10. LED Light: The built-in LED light illuminates the work area, making it easier to see your work in low-light conditions.

11. Over-Mold Grip: The over-mold grip provides a secure and comfortable hold, even in wet or slippery conditions.

12. Tool-Free Bit Change: The tool-free bit change system allows for quick and easy bit changes without the need for additional tools.

13. Dust Extraction Port: The dust extraction port helps to keep the work area clean by attaching a vacuum or dust collection system.

14. Safety Features: The tool is equipped with a safety lock-off button and a torque limiter, ensuring safe and controlled operation.

The 20V 1" SDS Plus Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

1. Drilling and chiseling in concrete, brick, and masonry

2. Demolition and removal of tiles, plaster, and other materials

3. Drilling holes for electrical and plumbing installations

4. Chiseling out bolts, rebar, and other metal objects

5. General-purpose drilling in wood and metal

6. Light to medium-duty drilling in steel

The 20V 1" SDS Plus Brushless Cordless Rotary Hammer is a powerful, versatile, and durable tool that offers performance and extended runtime for professional users. Its brushless motor technology, ergonomic design, and advanced features make it an ideal choice for heavy-duty drilling, chiseling, and demolition tasks. Whether you're a contractor, builder, or DIY enthusiast, this rotary hammer is a valuable addition to your tool collection.

Rated Input Power: 850w
Rated Voltage:20V
No-load Speed: 1 100r/min
Impact Rating: 4400b/min
Drill capacity: wood C 28mm;
Concrete C 22mm; Steel C 13mm
Two batteries and
one charge
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