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Distinguish hand drill, impact drill, hammer, hammer of
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1: hand drill, impact drill (such as Bosch GSB13 and GSB13RE difference where): animate reverse and electronic variable speed with RE function, you can control the machine forward reverse, speed and engine speed control, in addition to normal drilling operations , but also elastic screw nut job, can play a role in the electric screwdriver. Without RE drilling operations only, no speed reverse function, can not screw tightness. GSB10RE and GSB13RE difference lies in the size of the hole diameter and power, 13RE range is certainly wider than 10RE, selected according to individual hole diameter corresponding machine.
2: Drill and Impact Drill difference: only suitable for hand drill drill metal, wood, or tighten screws and other operations, can not hit concrete. In addition to the impact of drilling drilling metal, wood, but can brick, ordinary concrete drilling operations.
3: The difference between the hammer and the hammer drill: impact drill except drilling metal, wood, but can brick, ordinary concrete drilling operations, but if it is to strengthen the concrete pouring, percussion drill would be more strenuous, impact drilling through walls can not (because the impact of drilling is by two colliding friction gear shock impact, and cylinder piston hammer is an impact, so the impact is far greater than ordinary hammer percussion drill) If you want to compare hard concrete drilling, drilling requires high efficiency, long in concrete or drilling operations, or to penetrate the wall select hammer.
4: But for families, the impact of drilling relatively more suitable for home users, although the hammer can be mounted on the wall play Arbors Chuck can blacksmith, but the blacksmith hammer chuck mounted on the accuracy of the hammer drill effect is not good, hammer hit the wall as the most suitable for the job, and the impact of drilling appears to function more extensive, if you are doing your own home little live drill a small hole into the wall to hang something like that impact drill is the best choice for home users.
5: Impact Drill use of points: Drills shock hit the wall only when it is linked to the impact position, when all other gear impact drill drill can play tiles, use of points: Method 1: You can directly impact drill hit tiles, slow speed and slowly accelerate, tile will not crack method 2: If you are a novice afraid of cracked tiles, you can use a ceramic tile drill bit for drilling. Playing tile corner site most likely to crack, this time you can start with the glass tile drill bit penetrated (use bits of glass must add water), then scored with a concrete impact drill. Care must be taken when drilling the direction of rotation of the drill chuck, turn to the right, forward, drilling must forward, otherwise reverse not only not get, easier to drill broke (Family pendant installation requires precise alignment level, recommend the use of a laser instrument ground)
6: If customers choose to use 2 hammer (hammer and drill function), when the operation hit the wall, you only need to directly insert hammer drill can be used, if used drill functions, such as playing iron wood, etc., must be used Arbors and drill chuck, during use, note that any use when connecting rod and chuck mounted on the drill function, stalls must be placed on the drill stalls, do not hang on the impact of gear, or Arbors can easily be knocked deformed consequences stuck Arbors.
7: What is the meaning of the hammer: If you want to buy a hammer, just to drilling in concrete, no other function, that you can select a single function hammer. (Hammer machine function is to light the impact drill does not turn, can walls, tiles, etc. shaving shovel, chisel hammer to knock the job, if the customer need this feature, select Hammer hammer with type 2)

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