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What are the characteristics of a good hammer should have?
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1, good shock absorption system: allows the operator comfortable grip, relieve fatigue. Approach: By "vibration control system" to achieve; increased comfort through soft grip handle;
2, precise speed control switch touch switch :: when speed is low, the machine can help smooth tripping (for example, on a smooth surface tiles from drilling can not only prevent the drill bit slip can be prevented drilling rupture normal It can be used for high-speed work in order to ensure efficiency.
3, stable and reliable safety clutch: also known as torque limiting clutch to avoid high torque during use due to catching drill and produce a reaction force transmitted to the user, which is a safe and user protection. This feature also prevents the gearing and the motor stops rotating.
4, comprehensive motor protection devices: in use will inevitably granular hard objects into the machine (especially for machines up drilling operations, such as drilling on top of the wall), if the motor is not rotating at high speed in a certain protection, the hard objects can easily be touched off or scratch enameled wire, resulting in motor failure.
5, dual-function hammer drill

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