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sliding clamp rod design, more firmly locked, ho rod handling more efficient.vice-wrapped soft rubber handle reduces vibration, with 360 ° rotary function makes the operation more convenient and more comfortable.optimize the mechanical structure design, providing exceptional
china gear industry in the "fifth" period has been rapid development: in 2005 the annual output gear industry in 2000 from 24 billion yuan to 68.3 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 23.27 percent, china has become the largest machine parts industry. terms
1: hand drill, impact drill (such as bosch gsb13 and gsb13re difference where): animate reverse and electronic variable speed with re function, you can control the machine forward reverse, speed and engine speed control, in addition to normal drilling operations , but also elasti
hammer principle is the transmission mechanism driven rotary motion of the drill bit at the same time, there is a direction perpendicular to the rotor of the reciprocating movement of the hammer. hammer is driven by the actuator piston reciprocating in a cylinder of compressed ai
aoli to high-quality products by the power tool industry, a large number of well-known enterprises of the trust and praise.
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first, the personal protection when using hammer1, the operator must wear protective glasses to protect the eyes, face upward when the job is to wear protective masks.2, long-term job fortress good earplugs to reduce the impact of noise.3, long after the job is in the drill burni
1, good shock absorption system: allows the operator comfortable grip, relieve fatigue. approach: by "vibration control system" to achieve; increased comfort through soft grip handle;2, precise speed control switch touch switch :: when speed is low, the machine can help

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